Radical City Inc. Dutch Design Week

Routes to a new urban landscape

The exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2023 includes an overview of most of the projects developed and presented so far within the Radical City inc. program. The Radical City inc. program is shaping a new, climate-proof and nature-inclusive city. Artists, designers and architects question traditional ideas about the city and explore other routes to a new urban landscape. In this city, humans, flora and fauna, the environment, objects and architecture work together and form one balanced system.

Radical City inc. launched with an exhibition at Transnatural on Dec. 9, 2022. The installation of various works in public space, workshops, lectures and a bike tour are part of the program in collaboration with Zone2Source, Fiber festival and the Tolhuistuin. A performance program in Eye is also part of the program. Below you will find an overview of all program components.

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