Living in the Radical City inc.

overview of commissioned work

Living in the Radical City Inc. showcases the outcomes of a year and a half of work on art and design projects for public spaces in Amsterdam. The main goal of these projects is to bring together all aspects of urban life to create a more symbiotic living environment. This involves creating a balanced system where humans, plants, animals, the environment, objects, and architecture coexist harmoniously. Some works have already been installed in public spaces, while others are still in production and will be revealed later.

From The Otterdam project by Theun Karelse, introducing floating gardens that improve local ecology, inviting otters and other aquatic creatures into the city; to large sculptural pieces by Natasje Alers that offer habitats for endangered birds and insects. Additionally, works by Mae Engelgeer, VANTOT and Rollo Bryant tackled the issue of light pollution.

The Radical City Inc. theme envisions a city that is climate-resilient and more than just nature-inclusive. Artists, designers, (landscape) architects, and urban ecologists challenge each other to reimagine conventional urban concepts. Through various chapters and exhibitions, they engage the public in exploring innovative pathways toward a future-oriented urban landscape.

Amsterdam serves as a testing ground for the future. This transformative exhibition showcases the evolution of commissioned works over time and will continue to grow, incorporating new works that address additional themes in the future.

Natasja Alers (NL) / Mae Engelgeer (NL) / Theun Karelse (NL) / Rollo Bryant (UK) (Natuurlijk Licht) / VANTOT (NL) (Natuurlijk Licht)

Curated by Arjen Bangma

Opening hours
Date: till July 26, 2024
Open: Tuesday to Friday, 10am - 5pm.
Saturday 1pm - 5pm.

Transnatural, Jan van Galenstraat 125 bg, Amsterdam

Supported by
Transnatural LabelStimuleringsfonds Creative IndustrieAmsterdams Fonds voor de KunstCultuurfonds, VriendenLoterij Fonds, Mondriaan fonds , Gemeente Amsterdam

Radical City inc. projects

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