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Liquid Roots

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The way we light our cities has a major negative effect on biodiversity. Light in cities not only works against our human biorhythms, but also disrupts the circadian rhythms of flora and fauna, thereby hindering biological processes. The Liquid Roots project by British designer Rollo Bryant proposes an alternative agenda for urban light design to reduce the impact of artificial light pollution on urban ecology. The project is in the research phase and will be further shaped in 2023. Initial results are now part of the Radical City inc. exhibition at Transnatural.

Plants do not grow or grow differently when exposed to too much light, trees bud earlier and lose leaves later. In addition, light pollution affects the migratory and breeding behavior of birds and the nocturnal pollination behavior of insects. Liquid Roots aims to reduce the negative impact on biodiversity.

The starting point of the design is to develop a more cohesive lighting approach that blurs the line between biodiversity and infrastructure. The project accordingly explores how lighting in public space can provide illumination while serving as a refuge and nest for flora and fauna.

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