Pure Morning Portal - grey/blue

An organically shaped, soft tufted mirror

We're thrilled to introduce this beautiful, new work by Alfhild Külper. A breathtaking organic design to contemplate the world, with pure fun and pleasure. A soft tufted sustainable yarn, organically shaped frame on a color tinted mirror, it is.

According to Alfhild: "Pure morning Portal is a doorway to a world without worries. Bathing in gold pink light. A state of calm and joy. Always reflecting your sunshine self. A better world that was always here, that walked beside you. As real as this one, always within reach. Dripping with honey and delight".

Pure morning Portal is hand tufted and embroidered of 80% eucalyptus yarn and 20% wool. The layers of different heights are sculpted to create a lushly textured landscape. The rug has a rich cotton backing and is finished with a hand applied embroidery stitch. The yarns are collected factory leftovers from The Netherlands, India and Nepal. Depending on the availability of yarns, small color variations can appear. Custom designs are possible as well. 

Size: W 120 x H 150 x D 10 cm
Weight: 8 kg
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Pure Morning Portal by Alfhild Külper

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